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We know the difference that managing your money with intention can make. Having a goal and a plan to reach that goal, brings with it peace of mind, a feeling of being in control and greater choice in life.

Our wealth management process starts with a 5 minute phone call during which we will find out what services you're looking for and whether we are a good fit to guide you on your journey.


Here is how we approach our process:

GLW_Process chart (2).png


An introductory phone call to get a very brief idea of your situation and to make sure we provide advice in the areas you need help with.  If you need a tax return completed, are looking to take out a loan, or need a will drawn up, we can refer you our network of expert accountants, mortgage brokers and estate solicitors, but we can not provide these services directly



Held face to face in our Sydney office (or over ZOOM for clients outside of Sydney), during this meeting we identify your broad lifestyle objectives and start to flesh out your more specific financial goals. We then discuss the scope of the services that we'll provide. We seek to understand your investment preferences and risk tolerances before determining some finer details of your current financial situation. By the end of the initial meeting we will have a sense of whether you see us as your trusted advice professional to walk with you on your journey.

Please note that only general advice (not advice specific to you), can be given at this meeting.


Once you’ve given the green light we’ll start mapping out a sensible financial strategy, taking into account your specific circumstances and existing arrangements. We’ll undertake some financial modelling to determine if you’re on track to meet your goals, how to optimise what you’re doing through a range of scenarios and then we will document the plan.


We’ll sit down with you and talk through our recommendations in a simple and easy to understand manner. We’ll explain the strategies we use and our investment basis to help ensure that your funds are stewarded in a suitable manner.  


Once you’ve understood the plan, we seek to make the implementation process easy. We pre-fill the implementation forms and have you sign them electronically. We ensure everything is implemented as per the plan and your financial future is underway.

Ready to start?

Phone us in business hours or schedule a 5 minute introductory phone call.

Please note that no financial advice can be given in this 5-minute call.

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